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Multi Color Liquid Mouse Pads

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AquaPad2™ Price List per Unit Polybag @ No Charge 6R
Item #Size100  250  500  100025005000
ITEM #Thickness/Size1002505001,0002,5005,000
AQPAD28R8" Round$9.55$5.57$4.50$3.70$2.76$2.19
AQPAD2858.5" Round$9.55$5.57$4.50$3.70$2.76$2.19
AQPAD278757" x 8.75"$9.55$5.57$4.50$3.70$2.76$2.19
AQPAD275s7.5" Square$9.55$5.57$4.50$3.70$2.76$2.19
AQPAD28.5s8.5 " Square$9.55$5.57$4.50$3.70$2.76$2.19
AQPAD2O7.5" x 9.25" Oval$9.95$5.80$4.69$3.85$2.88$2.28
AQPAD27797.7" x 9"$9.95$5.80$4.69$3.85$2.88$2.28
AQPAD275957.5" x 9.5"$9.95$5.80$4.69$3.85$2.88$2.28

All Rectangle Mouse Pads have Rounded Corners

Important Notices

Key Features

  • 1-4 color or Full Process artwork - Same Price
  • Delivery = 3-6 Weeks From Proof Approval - Depending On Quantity Ordered
  • Floaters5 floaters of ANY Design or Color included @ No Charge. (Does not apply to MultiColor Liquid Filled Mouse Pads)
  • MultiColor Liquid Filled Mouse Pads - ADD 5 floaters of ANY Design or Color - Add $.75
  • You can use different artwork on each floater.
  • Add Glitter - NO CHARGE - Add Air Bubbles - You Decide
  • Artwork is Required for Floaters & Background Image

Liquid Filled Mouse Pads with Wrist Rest

  • 5 floaters of ANY Design or Color included @ No Charge
  • Add Your Own Color In Wrist Rest - Included @ No Charge offers color liquid filled mouse pads which add style and uniqueness to any office. Our liquid filled mouse pads can have one or two liquids in them. If you choose to have two liquids in your new mouse pad, they will be non-mixing colors. This means that the two liquids will never collide and will always avoid each other underneath the surface of your custom mouse pad. You also get the opportunity to add your business's name, logo, phone number, motto, or any other important information to the surface underneath the liquid in your personalized mouse pad. Your custom message will always remain the same, but the liquid above will always be moving.

Please contact us for more information about our liquid filled mouse pads and we'll be glad to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Over 700,000 Custom Imprinted Items. 10% OFF Item Price

Made in the USA*

Free Samples

Simply fill out the form and supply us with your UPS or FedEx account number and we will send you free mouse pad samples.
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Ultra Lite-UltraThin Mouse Pads

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Featured Testimonial

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My small business was looking for an affordable advertising tool to help promote our name in the community. We operate a bakery which just opened not that long ago. The customized mouse pads had our name and phone number on them for reference. We mailed them out to people in our area and everyone loved them. They thought it was so unique and creative.

colvinNY 13205

Unsurpassed Quality

We Deliver Fast – We Are The Manufacturer

We Guarantee the Lowest Prices3

Low Price Guarantee*

High Impact Marketing Tools

Using custom mouse pads at your place of business has been proven to be highly successful as an advertising tool.

Our personalized mouse pads can be designed to have your business's name and logo on them.

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