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RECYCLED Hard Top Mouse Pads

All Rectangle Mouse Pads have Rounded Corners

Key Features

  • 1-4 Color OR Full Process Imprint - SAME PRICE
  • Delivery Time Depends On Quantity Ordered...
  • Special surface for accurate mouse control.
  • Images are protected with a sub-surface printing method so they last for years.
  • Durable scratch-resistant top - just wipe clean. 
  • Choose shapes, designs and colors to suit your creative ideas. offers recycled mouse pads for the eco-friendly business. Our recycled, custom mouse pads are made from 60% recycled materials. The mouse pads' rubber backing is composed of recycled tires, yoga mats, car mats, shoes, and other rubber materials. The surface of our recycled mouse pads is fabric. The fabric mouse pad material is composed of recycled water bottles. Our fabric mouse pads are sometimes referred to as cloth top mouse pads. They've become incredibly popular lately. Our recycled fabric mouse pads are guaranteed to last for many years and provide a comfortable resting area for your wrists and hands when using your mouse to navigate the web.

Our recycled mouse pads provide for a very cost-effective advertising tool. Your fabric mouse pad can be personalized to include your business's name or logo. The fabric surface of our custom mouse pads can be either full color or solid color.

Full Color Soft Top

All printed graphics on your custom fabric mouse pad are printed in CMYK format. This allows for any color imaginable to be printed on your new mouse pads using four primary colors. This type of custom mouse pad is generally used by individuals wishing to have an image reproduced as realistically as possible on their mouse pad. A dye sublimation process is used in the printing process of your recycled, fabric mouse pad. This means that special inks and pressing styles are used to get the ink as closely matched to your original image. Sublimation ink turns into a gas and dyes the fabric surface of your mouse pad.

Solid Color Soft Top

Solid color soft top fabric mouse pads can be printed using just a few colors. This type of surface is generally used with personalized mouse pads which don't require much shading or detail.

For more information about our recycled fabric mouse pads, feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be glad to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about our mouse pad options and style selections.

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Fabric Cloth Surface Mouse Pads

Ultra Lite-UltraThin Mouse Pads

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High Impact Marketing Tools

Using custom mouse pads at your place of business has been proven to be highly successful as an advertising tool.

Our personalized mouse pads can be designed to have your business's name and logo on them.

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