AquaRest™ Liquid Filled Keyboard Wrist Rests has AquaRest™ keyboard wrist rests which are extremely comfortable for your hands, arms, and wrists to rest upon while typing and surfing the web. Keyboard wrist rests are a great computer accessory for individuals who spend most of their days working in front of a computer. Imagine not having tired wrists and hands at the end of the day. Our custom keyboard wrist rests will help to alleviate that tired feeling. Our personalized keyboard wrists rests can be customized to include your business's name, logo, phone number, slogan, mission, or anything of importance.

Liquid Filled Keyboard Wrist Rest

Key Features

  • A Great Idea To Grab Attention!
  • 1-4 color or Full Process artwork - Same Price
  • Delivery = 3-6 Weeks From Proof Approval - Depending On Quantity Ordered
  • 5 floaters of ANY Design or Color included in Wrist Rest @ No Charge
  • You Can Use Different Artwork on Each Floater.
  • Add Glitter - NO CHARGE - Add Air Bubbles - You Decide

Important Notices

View Wrist Rest Pricing

Scroll down to see pricing for AquaRest™ Liquid Filled Keyboard Wrist Rests. Pricing will vary by size, and quantity ordered.

Custom mouse pad sizes and thickness are also available, contact us for more information
  • Item # Thickness - Size 100 250 500 750 1000 1500 2500 5000
    AQRESTAir 3" x 17.5" x .75" $19.63 $15.31 $13.09 $12.42 $11.74 $11.26 $10.79 $9.46
    AQRESTOcean 3" x 17.5" x .75" n/a n/a $9.28 $8.62 $7.96 $7.43 $6.90 $6.27
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