MousePaper® Mouse Pads

These mouse pads have removable sheets with repositionable adhesive so you can write a note and stick it on something... or someone if you want.

Product Size
8-1/2" x 7-1/2"

94.8 lbs. per 300 pads

Country of Manufacture
United States

Additional Information

  • Price includes printing up to 4 colors of four color process.
  • Adhesive tack-strip on back of Backer Card helps keep mouse pad in place.
  • Adhesive on back of sheet at bottom.
  • Imprint Area: 8" x 7" with 1/4" standard margins for imprint.
  • Normal Packaging: Bulk.

MousePaper® Mouse Pads

Key Features

  • 1-4 color or Full Process artwork - Same Price
  • Delivery = Depends On Quantity Ordered...
  • ALL Mouse Pads Have ROUNDED Corners
  • Comfortable resilient polyester surface offers excellent traction
  • Permanent high-resolution imprint is guaranteed not to fade.
  • Choose shapes, designs, and colors to suit your creative ideas.
  • Pads are backed with heavy duty natural black rubber backing for excellent non-skid performance.

View Mouse Pad Pricing

Scroll down to see pricing for MousePaper® Mouse Pads. Pricing will vary by thickness, size, and quantity ordered.

Custom mouse pad sizes and thickness are also available, contact us for more information
  • Item # Size 125 250 500 1000
    MP72585-12 7.25" x 8.5" $4.15 $3.87 $3.59 $3.38
Note: many other sizes and sheet configurations available upon request
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