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ULTRA LITE/ULTRA THIN MOUSE PADS - LOW TAC has low-tac custom mouse pads available for purchase. Our thin low-tac mouse pads are very sleek and unique. They’re commonly shipped out from businesses to customers as a promotional item. Since the custom mouse pads are so thin and light, the shipping rates are generally very affordable. Low-tac mouse pads provide for the best, most authentic photographic reproduction capabilities. All graphics placed on your new mouse pad will be high-resolution and will look outstanding. The images are printed on quality paper that is then laminated. The laminated surface of your personalized mouse pad is scratch-resistant. This means that your image won’t ever wear off or fade away over time and heavy usage.

low tac mouse pads

Images placed on our low-tac custom mouse pads are printed with continuous shades and tones for a very realistic appearance. The low-tac backing of our thin mouse pads is non-slip. This means that your mouse pad won’t ever slide or slip around on your desk while you’re trying to use your computer at work or for personal use. Our low-tac mouse pads are nearly maintenance free. They only need to be wiped off every once in awhile so that they’re free of any dirt, debris, or germs.

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Click a mouse pad thickness to see the pricing for that particular thickness of mouse pad. Pricing will vary by thickness, size, and quantity ordered.

🛈 Custom mouse pad sizes and thickness are also available, contact us for more information.

THINS Style DuraTrac Hard Surface w/ Low-Tac BACK .02”

Item # Thickness - Size 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000
THINSLM44 4” x .02” (ROUND OR SQUARE) $1.39 $0.92 $0.76 $0.66 $0.55 $0.45
THINSLM68.002” x 6” x 8”$3.23$2.13$1.71$1.55$1.38$1.27
THINSLM758.002” x 7.5” x 8”$3.76$2.49$2.08$1.90$1.72$1.60
THINSLM8.002” x 8” Round$3.88$2.53$2.18$2.00$1.81$1.69
THINSLM78.002” x 7.5” x 8.5”$3.88$2.53$2.18$2.00$1.81$1.69
THINSLM759.002” x 7.5” x 9”$4.05$2.70$2.32$2.14$1.94$1.82
THINSLM775925.002” x 7.75” x 9.25”$4.22$2.88$2.37$2.18$1.99$1.86
THINSLM895.002” x 8” x 9.5”$4.36$2.90$2.40$2.21$2.01$1.89
THINSLM8511.002” x 8.5” x 11”$4.67$3.45$2.98$2.78$2.56$2.41
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